Do you want to be a Great Executive Leader?

If you are arrogant, know everything and believe you are the best leader then don’t bother reading any further.  This is not for you! I will be wasting your time.  We both know time can never be recovered.  Go play golf.

Now more than ever great executives are needed in these turbulent times.  It is well known that you can buy the presence of an individual and pay them to put their bum on a seat. We also know that salaries are probably one of the biggest operational expenses.   But how do you create enthusiasm, motivation and drive?  How do you get that highly paid individual to do the job on time, within that efficient cost estimate and with the highest quality, the first time?

As an Executive, or a leader of a team you already have the capability for you have succeeded in reaching your current state.  However, the means you used to get there may very well not be the means you need to be great or to reach a future state.   There are many good leaders out there but very few great leaders. Great leaders ensure they never derail.  Great leaders have the nine mature and balanced traits that result in the nine core performance competencies.

Great leaders are committed, capable and connected. Capability refers to your skills, experience and knowledge that always grows and develops.  Think of capability as can do.  Committed is having self-motivation, a zest for life, drive and passion.  Think of committed as things you will do.  Connected means you have the character that is aligned to your values.  Connected means you are truly aligned to the mission, strategy and objectives of the organisation.  As an Executive, think of connectedness as the things you must do.   Can do; Will do; Must do!    Great leaders have the four game changing skills which include altruism, affiliation, achievement and abundance.  Great leaders are not arrogant. Great leaders do not avoid emotional states such as fear, anxiety, guilt, worry, sadness, anger, depression and loneliness.  Great Leaders do not have self-imposed limitations.

There is a direct, predictable link between character, values, thought patterns and the nine core competencies needed to be a Great Leader.  These core competencies are:

Critical thinking, strategic thinking, decision making, emotional leadership, change leadership, talent leadership, team leadership, communication skills and a drive for results.

  1. Critical thinking is being able to recognise assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw unbiased and informed conclusions.
  2. Decision making is being able to collect and analyse accurate data and make decisions with your head, heart and your gut while balancing risk, urgency and priorities
  3. Strategic thinking is having macro and micro general management skills and competencies in order to create a vision, mission, strategic goals along with the actions plans for implementation
  4. Emotional leadership is having self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, social skills and empathy in order to influence, motivate, inspire, listen and create synergy in order for peak perform that is sustainable indefinitely.
  5. Communication skills is being warm and approachable while creating clear and honest communication , providing constructive feedback and managing conflict.
  6. Talent leadership is attracting the best people, while monitoring individual and team engagement levels. It is about developing a cohesive team, managing performance and recognising and rewarding those who excel. This does not get handed over to the HR department.
  7. Team leadership is building a collaborative culture that fosters inspiration and enthusiasm in order for the team to produce quality products and services. The team is responsible for the quality trilogy and the team ensures lessons are learned and incorporated into best practice.
  8. Change leadership is walking the talk by having a vision of the future, communicating that future state and the desire needed to get there. The future state is properly thought out and planned through and resistance is met and dealt with.
  9. Drive for results is the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. The executive must select the right objectives using the right quantitative criteria that will bring in maximum business value at minimum cost using the scarce and limiting organisational resources.

If you want to be a Great Leader be vulnerable.  Put your fear away and contact us!  We guarantee that you will see a positive impact so that you can leave a great legacy!


Post by: Charmaine Allen (Executive Counsel –

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