Listing & Ad Rules

Listings that will not be published are as follows;

  • Any listings deemed illegal or offensive
  • Companies from outside South Africa
  • Multi-level marketing schemes, stokvels or any companies deemed as scammers
  • Escort services, adult products, services or content
  • Spiritual, religious or magical related content, products or services
  • Life coaches or motivational speakers claiming to treat serious medical conditions
  • Any alternative health products or services making unsubstantiated medical claims
  • Abortion products or services
  • Bodily enhancement products or services such as skin lightening, breast or bum enlargement
  • Job recruitment listings
  • The sale of animals, hunting trophies, livestock or related services
  • Any listings deemed discriminatory
  • Duplicate listings or multiple listings in different locations
  • Articles, opinion pieces or rants
  • Listings with empty or sparse descriptions
  • Listings containing a time limit, such as promotions and dated courses
  • Listings with keyword stuffing in the title or in the description
  • Listings with contact numbers or descriptions in the title
  • Listings with any other content except the business name in the title
  • Listings containing excessive information, FAQ’s and keyword stuffing
  • Listings we have deemed to contain low quality content
  • Listings containing prices or individual products
  • Listings containing copyrighted content
  • Listings trying to sell products instead of being informative

The aim of this directory is to be a clean and spam-free directory of quality listings for established businesses. All posts will only be published after it has been reviewed by a moderator, if your listing was not published it is because it violated the rules above. Listings can take up to 10 days to be reviewed. Please do not post multiple listings every few weeks, they will not be published and will result in your account being banned and/or deleted without notice.

The Directory East Rand reserves the right to remove any listings that we feel are no longer relevant or appropriate without notice. We reserve the right to deny listings and remove accounts that do not comply with our rules. You are solely responsible for all information submitted to Entrepo, and any consequences that may result from the listing you posted. The Directory East Rand reserves the right to remove and edit content at our discretion. By submitting a listing, you are agreeing to these conditions.


We do not offer refunds. Please ensure you abide by the listing rules above before posting/paying for a listing or advertisement. If you are unsure, please contact us at


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