Importance of Having a Personalized E-mail Account

Your professionalism is in question in every day as you do business. One way to quiet some of the questions is by setting your personalized email to reflect your business. Having your name on your web address supported by your business shows your customer that you are ready to do business and treat them with respect as a customer.

There are several reasons for the importance of having a personalized email address when compared to other methods of communication.



If your branding is something that’s important to you, it’s important to protect it. Publishing your brand name by using it as your personalized domain name means not only investing in protecting your brand, but also in building your brand recognition.  If you have the name of your company as the basis of your email address you immediately add the brand recognition to your email address and all of the status that goes with it. If someone sees your brand enough times, they will start to go to you for their needs.


Save time and hassle by helping people contact the right person in your company for their specific requirements, e.g.
Admin / General inquiries –
Accounts department –
Your staff –

Getting a personalized domain name is an important step, and a significant investment. Once you’ve finally chosen that all-important domain name, you can continue to renew it for as long as you need. Wherever you go, people can always contact you at the same email address!


When companies need to get important messages to clients or business associates who are located thousands of kilometers away, one of the quickest ways to do it is by email.

The advantage email has over the telephone in communication speed is that you can send attachments with an email that encloses important documents or even a presentation to shed light on your message.

In addition, the continuous flow of relevant information makes employees and executives alike more efficient and productive, enabling quick responses to any issue that may arise.


Email messages remain in the user’s inbox except if purposely erased, and both stand-alone email software and webmail services offer a search function and filters that make tracking down a specific message only a matter of seconds.

This creates a virtual paper trail that is far more efficient than printed documents filed away in a drawer, making it extremely easy to extract important information from email communication.


Email is one of the inexpensive means a business can use to communicate with customers and potential customers. The cost difference is especially striking when considering mass communication. For example, the cost of printing and delivering a set of marketing fliers or letter may be more time consuming than required, instead by sending the information via email.


Email allows companies to efficiently and effectively spread information about their products and services, both to existing customers and potential ones. For example, a clothing company could set up an email list to which anybody can subscribe, and then send weekly emails to everybody on the list detailing new additions to the catalog.

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